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Question about Late/Irregular Periods

Hi, okay so this is kind of long but i really would like my nerves to be settled.
im 17 and have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 almost 3 years and we started having sex 4 almost 5 months ago. ever since we started having sex, my period has become very irregular (one month is was a 39/40 day cycle, another month it was a 35) and currently ive gone 37/38 days since my last period. of course, everytime i always get the " i really hope im not pregnant" thing since really...its probably the most natural response to get to a late period when sexually active.
EVERY single time we have sex, we use trojan latex condoms and EVERY time after we check by (please dont say this is gross or laugh) blowing air into the condom so its inflated, and then checking to see if there are any holes inside and checking to see if theres any sperm that leaks out for some reason.
also, if i touch his penis or if he touches his penis regardless of if there is ***/semen on it at all, he and i wash our hands throughly with soap and warm water before going literally anywhere near my vagina.

basically, my question is: am i practicing very safe sex/sexual activites? and could it possibly just be the stress/fear of pregnancy making my period late?

this month i went to canada for a week, stayed at moms house for two and a half weeks straight (i usually am only there for the weekend) and went to virginia for a week. i have adhd and i have been forgetting to take my medicin that ive been on since i was 10 so i have been very anxious/jittery/nervous about nothing at all.

could the face that ive been forgetting to take my medicine and becoming nervous/anxious because of the adhd, actually having sex (as in a change in my relationship/a big step in my life), thinking about pregnancy so much the last few months and all the things ive be things relating to why my period has been irregular/late?

thank you so much for answering, itll really help settle my nerves.
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Hi there.

If properly with spermicide, condoms have a very high rate of succession. However, there are no certainties in life.

Irregular periods can be caused by many factors, including travel, change in medication, anxiety, etc. In short, everything you mentioned.

If you're concerned about pregnancy, I suggest you invest in an early pregnancy kit and use it monthly. This may ease your mind. And, of course, be sure you both know how to properly use condoms. Sounds like you're doing a pretty good job. Dr. J
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