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What could be causing my sudden frequent light periods?

I am 27 and my periods have never been predictable to the day and time, but I can usually have a range that I can guess off of.  In the past year, I have ranged from 24-32days in between my period.  They usually start off heavy for a day or two then taper off to a light flow.  In the past 8 weeks I have had 4 light periods that usually last 5 to 7 days.  They are brown to pink in color. I haven't really noticed red too much. In May I had a female examination, PAP and STD testing done for an IUD procedure.  I did not go through with the IUD procedure, but all labs and tests came back A-Okay.  My fiancé and are in a monogamous relationship.  So I know this disturbance in my cycle is not from an STD.  In April I had a MRI of my abdomen to diagnose any lumbar spine issues and my doctor noted that my reproductive system looked good with no cysts or anything. I am not on hormornal birth control and about four weeks ago my sex-drive was on over-drive for about a week.  I couldn't get enough of it, it was all I could think about.  My fiance even asked me what was up. That’s when I decided on taking a pregnancy test. So I took a couple pregnancy tests to make sure that I wasn’t pregnant. I took them a week a part and both came back negative.  I have taken one again today because the past two-weeks my nipples have been sore, but I get soreness sometimes but it usually doesn’t last this long.  The pregnancy test was also negative today. My concerns are being on my period every other week, frequent constipation (which I never have had a problem with because I am conscious of my fiber intake), bloating, constant breakouts on my face, feeling blah, and always carrying tampons on me just in case I need one.  I left a message at my doctor’s office today to make an appointment to go see her. But till then can anyone give me some insight?  I am in touch with my body so I am aware something is up!
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