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about HIV AIDS

saxual relationation between man to man it may cause of aids?
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  Homosexuality is not the cause of AIDS. In fact, in many countries, more heterosexual than homosexual people have the disease.   AIDS is more prominent in homosexuals in this country because gay men have more sexual partners, on average, than heterosexuals and more homosexuals than heterosexuals in America have anal sex and have it regularly ( this is not true in all countries). Anal sex is a more likely transmitter of HIV because the lining of the anus is less lubricated than the lining of the vagina and if rough sex opens up a tear or cut in the anus an infection or disease can go readily into those tissues  and blood carries it through the entire body.. I am not a medical doctor so I don't know the exact physiological process of infection-but I do know that few people resist the HIV infection overtime if they are exposed to it during heterosexual or homosexual intercourse.

So- the answer is that HIV_AIDS has nothing to do with sexual orientation- it is a result of having a better chance of getting infected when you have a lot of sex partners, ( the odds of meeting someone with the disease go up the more partners you have and especially if they are in networks with a higher liklihood of having the disease) and if you have sexual practices ( like anal sex) that make disease tramsmission more likely..
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The HIV virus that leads to AIDS is caused by one infected person infecting another, through blood or gential excretions (semen, vaginal fluid).  ANY infected person if not takng all precautions can infect their sexual partner.  Whether it be two men, two women, or a man and a woman.  It can also be transferred by sharing needles between an infected and not infected person as well as many other possibilities where the exchange of blood or fluids happens (like transfusions although blood clinics like the red cross extensively screen blood now and days).

You can't catch the virus from hugging or things like that.  The stereotype that only gay men catch the virus and spread the virus is very immature - contrary to popular belief that isn't how AIDS came to be as new research just out has shown.  Although that theory was believed for many years.

Take all precautions and if worried at all don't engage, that's your choice.  
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