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having periods in every 10 days from last 3 months


Im having some issues with my cycle and need some advice if anyone can relate or shed some knowledge with me.   My period is usually normal flow and lasts around 7 - 8 days every month, it was usually irregular ,it sometimes take more than 1 month time but from last 6-8 months it was quite regular. i got married in march 2008 and had sex for the first time 1st month period was on time but after that it started every 10 days in the starting i thought it may be because of sex but it continued, once i even thought that its implantaion bleeding so i took "planB" and then i had period in 15 daz it was just like regular period was bit heavy but then after that also i had periods in every 10 days ,it is not like normal periods it is very light some times its just a spot ....i some times do sex in my periods also....i never had mood swings ever before but now days when my periods starts i have alot of mood swings.the only thing I felt before it arrived was alot of anxiety and moood swings .
ive been trying to get into see my doctor but she has been booked  up all week.   Im worried that there is a possibility I could be pregnant?  or i have some type of infection or some other issue...?
please help.
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Hi there. If you are having unprotected penis-vagina sex (p-v), you could be pregnant. Home pregnancy kits are usually pretty reliable 10-14 days after having unprotected sex, so this would be your first step. Lots of women have irregular cycles, and there are various contraceptives that can help regulate them. Insist on seeing your doctor so you can find out what's going on. Dr. J
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