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Few days back i moved another place from Hostel.There the house owner proposed me that he want sex with me.But i refused.B'coz i,m married.My husband is my life.Actually he is a good person.His wife didn't show  any intrest on sex life.So is bored with his lifepartner.He want a girl to do sex with him.pls solve my problem.What to do?
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I’m not sure what you’re asking because your writing is unclear. It seems to me you want someone to solve your problem and tell you what to do, but you ultimately know what’s best for you. Why would you want to risk your marriage because some man wants to have sex with you—unless you’re unhappy and want to be single again. Why would you put yourself in this situation? It sounds to me like you don’t feel you have any power over your life’s decisions. This is not a good situation for an adult. You might benefit from some help in learning to speak up for yourself and becoming more assertive.
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If you want to be involved in complicating and screwing up at least 3 peoples lives besides your own and have a really big cruel streak do it.  Your husband yhinks this is an idea worthy of considering too or isthat part of the genius of the plan?
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This man needs to talk to his life partner about this problem - not you. This is a matter between him and his wife. This isn't your problem to fix.

If this man insists on talking about his sex life with you, remind him that your husband wouldn't appreciate him asking you for advice. This isn't worth jeopardizing your marriage over.
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Opera is a good browser but it is not compat. with spellcheck sorry people.
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You need to let your husband know this crazy man is hitting on you. He needs to be around everytime this guy wants to talk with you. You should stay clear from him if you can. Even if his wife doesn't like sex... Don't get involved even he may be lying to see if you will do it with him. Some men this is a game they play.. just to see what you will do.. if you are not careful your husband will think something is going on. Maybe their is a reason his wife doesnt want to have sex with him.. he is a cheater..he's Diseased..or he *****....

                                  Stay far, far Away   Abby

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