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last night my boyfriend fingered me for about half an hour, although i am not sure but i guess there was some liquid on his finger, maybe pre *** or something like that, later he rubbed near my vagina wih his penis again he did not ejeculate by that time. my period date is on 14. shall i take some i pill or what? please help me , i am very disturbed emotionally. answer immediately. waiting for your reply.
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First of all, pregnancy results when sperm reach the vagina--whether via a finger, or a penis or some other means. And the fluid men secrete prior to ejaculation can contain millions of sperm. So it's possible you're pregnant. The morning after pill, which is called "Plan B," is available without a prescription and is at its most effective when taken within 3 days after exposure to semen, so it's not too late for you to pursue this option. In the future, be sure to use risk reduction techniques, including condoms, so you don't expose yourself to unwanted infections, pregnancy, etc. Dr. J
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If you are so worried, go see your Gy. doctor or a Planned Parenthood Clinic and ask for the morning after pill.   If you have a good relationship with your doctor, he or she might call this prescription into your pharmacy without a visit. Just call the office and they will let you know if you need to visit the doctor.  You could get pregnant, even if he did not ejacuate into you.  If you do not want to get pregnant, you should also take the birth control pill on a regular basis.  Do not take such risks when you can protect yourself and you are not ready to be a parent. Please also make sure that your boyfriend is not a carrier of any STDs.  You need to use a condom for those. Educate yourself and take care of your life. Good luck.
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