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vibrators and sensitivity

is there any evidence to suggest that vibrators can cause nerve damage to the clitoris that would result in some permanent loss of sensation?  i just want to know if continuous use of a vibrator will make it harder for me to have orgasms with a partner as i get older.
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  There is no evidence, that I know of, of nerve damage to a clitoris from a vibrator. At least not from any vibrators that are sold as sexual toys. There may beother things that vibrate that you use that have stronger vibrations but none of the ones that are marketed as sex toys have a vibration strong enough to hurt you. If you do use a vibrator for a long time , it could make you temporarily numb-- but again, in my experience, that does not last. If you mean "contiuous use" is daily, or for twenty minutes or so at a session- this is not unusual--if you mean hours without stopping- I have no idea what that might do--
  In general, you might get used to the increased sensations that a vibrator gives rather than the softer ,slower touch of a man-and that might make it a little harder to switch from one kind of sensation to the ther other.  If it does, or you are worried that it might, what I would reccomend, is to vary using your vibrator one day with using your own finger on another day so that you keep being used to both kinds of sensation. You can have orgasms different ways- just don't get too used to any one way or you will have a bit more trouble adopting a change in technique.
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I HIGHLY doubt it.  Jeez, how hard are you F*****G that thing?  Obviously hard if it's raising that kind of question.  Wow!
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is that a "two stroke" engine vibrator ?  ever see one of those machine things that you sit on ?  now THATS got to damage something ! haha
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actually, i don't even use it on the highest setting.  the reason i ask is this: when i first started having sex i was unable to have orgasms, so i always wondered whether it was because i learned on a vibrator and it had dulled my sense receptors.  all the women's sexuality experts are so pro-vibrator, i was just curious if anyone had ever examined the possibility of some desensitization as a result of long-term use.  personally, i am a little down on them, i think if i had learned how to come with my hand in the first place it wouldn't have taken so long for me to learn how to get off from another human being.  the truth is, nothing a person ever does is going to feel like electric vibrations, and i've experienced some of the best oral sex in the world.  but i am sure no one could have gotten me off until i learned how it felt to do it without the vibes.  that's why i wish i had gotten the chance to figure out how to do it myself before i got the massager.  oh well, can't reverse time i guess.
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in time (without use) you may get back to normal, if you can take it.  as far as i know MOST woman do need a vibrator for
orgasms. it's no replacement for what you get out of sex, but
does the job it needs to do. hell, if i was a girl i'd be using
it 24/7, i would get one i could hook up to a solar panel for
around the clock operation, and if things got dull, i'd buy
attachments !!  haha              l.e.
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haha ha ah...solar panel.oh..the kinky naturalist/kinky environMENTAList! LOL! leaf..you CAN use one for your anal area ya know!
i agree...put the vibrator away for a while. it does tend to desensitise (sp?) the area. even when using it during one "session" for a while. practice with your hand for a while (alone).
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