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I would like to know when a women is not having sex and is pretty much backed up, what r  the symtoms she will have due to this??
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I don't understand your question because I don't know what you mean by "backed up" and references to "symptoms." If you're not having sex with yourself or with a partner, you're not suffering from any disease; hence there are no symptoms.

If you have sexual feelings and ignore them, you may feel some discomfort. Notice I said "may," because everyone is different. Some people ignore their sexual feelings and eventually don't even notice them, while for others, this is a big sacrifice.

What's important is for you to examine just why you're avoiding sex. What does this mean for you? Are you doing it because of some anxiety or discomfort or because someone has told you it's wrong? It's important that any decision you make about sex comes from within you, not because someone else has told you what to do. Dr. J
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