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Any help please

I went to the dr. with the strangest symptoms and she was not sure what it was. she eventually decided to treat me for shingles with no rash. My symptoms include memory loss, confusion, very bad pain in scapula CONSTANT,,,, very dry eyes and mouth, stuttering.  I am very scared! What is wrong with me??? I already take meds for depression and hbp.  She started me on acyclovin 5x a day. No change yet after 2 days.  Can anyone help me
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i got the same issue on 1 side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hello there ive recently started having the same thing over a month and abit  

it all started with my gf cheating on me and breaking up suddenly a pain in my  stomach after 2 weeks of intense  healthy eating workout etc  i noticed alump in my stomach
the drs said dw dw dw its all normal just cramps  
suddenly AGAIN my arm dislocated getting  washing off the line  
this is the 2nd time its happaned!!! but this time they gave me  morphine and madaslim
then shoved it back in  
i came home did some writing had tea watched sienfielfd then went to bed
suddenly i woke up ... noticed numbness in the last 2 fingers...
woke up again noticed a fluttering in my chest along with dizzyness all around the room i thought i was gonna die
so i took a panadol went back to bed
3 days later in the kitchen it got dizzy again talking to my  dad  and total confusion i thought i  was gonna pass out  
there was alot of blood coming fro my nose
drs checked me out  
1 said nervs and the meds dw  a week went past
another  said no it shouldnt of done that  noway  
then another dr said no its not normal checked my reflexes said i was ok to go home
i got blood tests done showing i had enlarged blood cels along with some low vits but shouldnt cause this  i got more tests for  folate and b 12   all normal so he shoved me on zoloft pills for 2 weeks
i had 2 days without pain then it came back but also my emotions were gone along with   taste buds
atm off zoloft my issues r
light headed  
spewing in the mornings sometimes
bloody noses
pain going to the eye then the scalp then the ear
i feel like if im dieing sometimes ..... but zoloft stoped the fear and anxiety ( aparently its normal on this stuff)
zoloft stoped the light headedness  dizzyness  vibration and theres only pain in my scalp
do u have any updates that help out at all ?  
heat seems to help also putting pressure on it + showers
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