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Burning severe chest pain

For the past 2 yrs I have suffered with unbearable left sided chest pain, its not on my skin it feels like its in and around my left breast. I have had every test imaginable, ct scans, bone scan, mammogram, breast ultrasound, heart tests, nothing has come back abnormal, all my blood work is fine I even had intercostal nerve blocks that only numbed be for a day and it was back full force,  I am suffering everyday of every minute of my life with this awful burning intense pain that never ever lets up. My Dr's are thinking post herpetic neuralgia because around the same time it started with a slight burning I had about six blisters in the center of my chest right where my bra is and I remember them being itchy but never gave it much thought after that but this intense pain thats been just getting worse and worse over the yrs is just killing me and my life is not the same anymore and I dont know what to do. Has anyone ever had this and was it from shingles?? Please please I need some insight on this..and its not heartburn.....Thanks... shine
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   Yes it sounds like shingles. I just got over this  problem couple of weeks ago.  I had the burning when it first started, then the pain in my back was so bad it felt as if a screwdriver was coming through my back from inside out. I had to take something strong for pain. It last for about month. I can still feel some tingling there.  I have heard that some people have this for months  and it can occur. Your doctor should be able to help you  through this. Good luck.
This response is to this old post, but it is so close to my own burning pain experience that I would like to know if the posters are still around and if there was any resolve to their suffering.  I can't take this anymore and no medical doctors seem to have a clue when I describe the molten hot lava feeling in my spine, ribs and chest.  I need help soon cause I feel like this is gonna bury me before I find an answer or a treatment.  thank you for listening if you're still out there.
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Hi and sorry you have had such pain, sometimes I feel like I have a knife stuck in my chest and like a hot torch its just awful.  He has had me on many things Lyrica, cymbalta etc.. now Im on Neuronting and Nortriptyline but its not helping at all and Ive been on them for 6 weeks, he put me on hydrocodone but thats not even helping. Im about to go crazy but I go back to him on Thursday and lets see the next plan he has for me... Thanks for responding...
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