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Do I have shingles or something else?

Hello I was wondering if someone could hopefully help me out?!. It started on the Wednesday just gone I noticed I had a spot on my chest area and like a idiot I poped it and then few hours later I started noticing more and my boobs become very sore to touch, that night when I had my daily bath the effect area stung like nothing I have felt before. While sleeping that pain got worse and so itchy and so become my hair, when I awoke the next day I noticed little red spots on the fontline of my scalp while brushing my hair it hurt terribly and sensitive to touch. The pain got worse to the point I couldn't wear certain clothes or use certain products on my skin cause they would burn. I have now I headfull of blistery sores also on the chest area still, my upper and lower back, the side of my face and my chin. I am also feeling low of energy, loss of appetite, stomach pains that come and go, severe headaches and a tingly feeling in my fingers and toes.I have been to the hospital and given  7 day course of antibiotics called clarithromycin. I didn't to be honest get any answers just quickly checked over and given them tablets he said it looks like a skin infection. I would hopefully hope someone on here can give me a ruff idea of what I am going threw and what it could possibly be.
Thank you for taking the time to read.
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