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Do shingles ever erupt on the head and scalp

I have these itchy painful bumps on my scalp.  They start out tiny but itch, then get squishy and very painful, like bee stings.  The scabs that form are yellow, like there may have been pus in them.  I am a picker and cannot leave them alone.  I was wondering if it could be shingles.  Doctor says it is eczema but I have 2 different types of break-outs.  I had some on my arm but they have healed and now on head and my hair is thinning out (female), not a good thing  
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It doesn't sound like shingles.  Shingles doesn't tend to start on the head, and if you're getting recurring outbreaks, it's likely to be something other than shingles.

Here''s info about how to identify shingles:

And info on other conditions that may look like shingles: https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/shingles/qa/what-conditions-look-like-shingles
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Thank you.  I didn't think they were shingles.  Dr. says eczema.  Got a tube of ointment that cost me $187 co-pay and it isn't doing any good
I would consider seeing a new doc.  It also doesn't sound like eczema to me, but I am NOT a medical professional.   It sounds a bit more like the "cradle cap" my kids got when they were babies.  It also caused their hair to fall out where the lesions appear.
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