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Post treatment for shingles

Two years ago I had lightheadedness for three months during summer. No symptoms last year during summer. This year, same lightheadedness at exactly the same time of the year as two years ago with a horrible outbreak of shingles around my waist. I believe the shingles just didn't break out two years ago. It's been 9 weeks since outbreak. Still lightheaded and a "funny" feeling with my right eye. Not drooping or loss of sight, just like a "pressure" feeling. The shingles out break was on my right side of torso. From navel to spine. Nothing around my eyes. Need to know about the lightheadedness. Not really vertigo or fall down dizzy. Just lightheaded and headaches. I worry about a brain stem lesion or is this just the shingles hanging on. I just started B1 vitamines. I have read quite a bit that B1 is very helpful.
Thank you!!!!
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How are you feeling now?  Any better?  Give us an update when you can.
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Actually yes. Very strange how it sometimes comes and goes. I have a day here and there of right eye "fatigue" and very light lightheadedness and headaches but for the most part, good. Still some numbness around torso where worst breakout was. Some light scarring. I can deal with the week or so of the actually shingles....what will haunt me is this 3 months or more of after effects. Much more worrisome for me.
     The B1 might have helped.... or just time. Not sure and hard to tell. I will go ahead with the shingles shot in early 2012...ok'd by my Dr. We'll see.  Thanks for the concern....jsw
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Let us know I am so curious about the benefits of the shot and if it actually helps or brings on more symptoms.  Keep us updated indeed:)
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Just checking in....I was good for a month and then during my holiday vacation, lightheadedness came back and vision issues. My wife bought me some "readers" and they helped. I know my right eye is worse than my left but I've been told I am lucky it didn't start around 40. My issue is I believe that the shingles possibly sped up the eye issue. I'm going to the eye Dr. next week to get a full check and I'll ask him about it. I had no shingles around the eyes.          Right now, I feel great. It's a very up and down thing with me. I still have pain where the largest blister was in my appendix area. The pain is like a pulled muscle. I know there is an answer to all of this, I just don't know if anyone really knows it.  Still planning to get the shingles shot in a month or so.    jsw
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Glad you feel well now! :)  Although it always stinks to be under the weather during vacation!
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can you have sleep problems from shingles or flu-like inflammation?  I had chicken pox, but don't know if I had shingles.  I had these raised red bumps on BOTH my thighs that were painful and then crusted over after a few days but no nerve pain-
years later I've had nerve pain in my feet and legs
Hey John, any update on how you are doing? I had the same thing happen to me this summer. Nearly fainted while I was at the gym which then turned into constant lightheadedness for now its 5th month. I had a shingles approximately a week after the episode. Our cases seem similar so I was hoping you had some input and suggestions to help. Did the B1 supplements help at all too? Cheers.
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