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Shingles & young people

Hi I'm just wondering if anyone can advise me, I got shingles when I was 23, I got them all down my right side and even in my eye, opthalmic shingles. I always thought shingles were for the old and weak immune system people. No offence intended its just what I believed.

Can I get it again? Can I prevent getting it again?

Also I'm constantly getting flu if I don't get a flu jab. If I do get a flu jab I seem to mange with only catching flu 1/2 a year which is fab, I highly recommend flu jabs now.
I get tonsillitis regularly, I've had  glandular fever, ive had pneumonia, i get sickness bugs. - if there's a bug doing the rounds I will get it even if everyone else manages to avoid it. I have psoriorsis since about age 13 and its never improved. I suffer chronic debilitating joint pain to the point I cannot walk. I also have Tempromandibular jaw disorder. I am allergic to ibuprofen after it eroded my stomach lining And caused my face to ballon up, also related Anyi inflammatory drugs, capsasin and nickel. all sever allergies, My body seems to react worse than average the specialist said. I've recently managed to start breaking bones too and gotten very run down and fatigued. I do suffer depression and anxiety and I'm having a tough personal time and very stressed recently. Hopefully this will improve soon.
I look healthy, I think I do anyway, my bmi is healthy and I eat well and even though I can't go to the gym I do exercise to the best of my ability as my looks, weight and health are important to me.
I sound ridiculous to myself listing all these things, its all true, all dr diagnosed, I hate going to the dr unless I must as I feel embarrassed I'm always poorly, I'm lucky usually its testable or visible or even I would think I was a hypochondriac.
I've been getting poorly since a child and its its gotten worse as I've aged with the last few years (3) being ill more often than not. im now in my late 20s nearly 30.

No one else in my family suffers like I do, is there something wrong with my immune system or am I just unlucky?

Any opinions are appreciated.
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