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Shingles and HIV

I have a question regarding my Hiv status.

I had an sexual unprotected with a woman whom I met on a day and she looked healthy.It was in the year 1999. Also I had multiple unprotected sex with my girl friend( who is ex now) in the year 2001. I enquire about my ex girl friend and she seems to be happily married and having a 2 year old kid.(Not sure if she tested or not).

After that I married in 2002 and have a 7 years old kid. My wife and kid doesn't have any symptoms. But in Novemebr 2012, I'm suffered with a rash blister and i visited Dermatologist and doctor did the visual examination and confirmed that it is Shingles and prescribed me valacyclovir tablets for a week (3 per day). It got healed without any issues. Doctor told me it may be due to stress. I was little stressed during that time due to the my Job move and not liking the new Job.. But not sure that causes herpes Zoster/shingles.

I was going thru internet and found that Herpes Zoster is initial or 3 rd stage of HIV. So I'm so scared to test it. I just wanted to know if I'm still infected with HIV after 13 years of encounter. Apart from Herpes Zoster, I felt like I lost 4 Lbs (I was 170 LBs and now 166).. I'm not really sure abt the weight as I checked on digital and needle scales.. Needle scale shows 171 and digital shows 166. Apart from that I dont ahve any other symptoms after Herpes Zoster Attack. So I just wanted to know if still need to be worried about HIV.

Also I read some forums that Flushot can also cause shingles. I had a flushot on Nov 1st 2012 and I got the shingles 3 weeks after.

Please doctor help me I'm freaking out. Do I need to go for HIV test?. Dermatologist didnot suggest any further tests but I'm concerned with the encouters I had prior to the marriage especially 1999 encounter.
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If you had Hiv, your child would have been sick long ago. You need not worry. Herpe can be treated with zovirax pills or on lips, zovirax cream.
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Thank you. I have also tested with OraQuick and it came negative. But I would like to know if I can rely on the result. Just wanted to make sure if Oraquick home test result is as accurate as Blood tests. or If I need to go thru the blood tests as well

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