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First off, I know what Shingles are and how painful they can be, I have some of that almost every year. But this seems different. Occasionally - maybe every month or so - I get little (very small, ~1/16 in. dia., sometimes larger when there is more than one) blisters on my skin that behave just like Shingles. I have one right now on my left hand, the pain radiates outward to cover almost all of the hand and I can not have anything touch it. There are, however, two important differences between that and Shingles. 1.) I can treat it with 2.5% Hydrocortizon and 2.) If left alone it only lasts maybe two or three days. Any Ideas? Over the years I have talked to two Dermatologists about it, one kind of hinted that I was nuts, the other (after I had taken a picture of my wrist, in that case) " They are probably insect bites". I think, he based his "diagnosis" on the fact that I had scratched the area and the skin was broken.
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You need to keep a record of what you eat, drink, touch and what you come into contact that happens every month.

Are there any plants that you are touching or brushing past?  Some plants are very poisonous and can cause irritations.

Are you filling your car with fuel and not wearing protection on your hands?

As you have a "shingle" problem every year, you may even haven an allergic reaction to pollen.
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Maybe you have reoccurring shingles and it can "come out " in different places almost anywhere on the body.
Shingles should not always associated with having a poor immune system or being immunocompromised. That kind of ignorance is what makes having chronic shingles (I have chronic shingles or reoccurring shingles) so embarrassing. I am posting this information for anyone out there who suffers from chronic or reoccurring shingles. I'm not a doctor but my sister is and she confirms all this information. Shingles and reoccurring shingles is prevalent in the immunocompetent ( competent not compromised it's not a typo) population I have probably had shingles at least 30 times starting at the age of 12. Also, during both my pregnancies. As I get older I seem to have it more frequently unfortunately. I have also had the shingles vaccine which only worked for about nine months then I had a case of shingles that was the worst I've ever had! Other than have a reoccurring shingles there is nothing else wrong with me. I'm very fit and healthy otherwise. You can look at my profile picture which is not more than a couple weeks old. I just want to let people suffering from chronic or reoccurring shingles that they're not alone there are other people out there just like you. know that you're not alone!  If you're having / experiencing shingles or have reoccurring shingles. Here is the information that you might find helpful my apologies that is so long but shingles is a very complicated thing...

For decades, medical wisdom about shingles has been that it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The commonly-held belief is that patients are protected from a recurrence of the herpes zoster virus, which causes shingles, after one episode. But according to recent research and/or studies about shingles they have found that this is not true. For example, a study published in the February 2011 issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings shows that recurrences of shingles may be significantly more common than doctors have suspected. New Medical Studies have found and prove that recurrences of shingles are prevalent in the immunocompetent population.   "It's been thought that recurrences were limited to people with compromised immune systems, for instance from chemotherapy or bloodborne malignancies, but this is not the case," "Recurrence was prevalent in the immunocompetent population. We were very surprised by the results." Unfortunately, alot of doctors are not up-to-date on the most recent research about shingles. There is still so much that the medical community needs to learn about shingles. "Shingles has a mind of its own and does what it wants to do".The bottom line is No One Knows exactly what causes a reactivation of the virus! If they knew exactly what caused it there probably wouldn't be so much anxiety / fear around the topic. You could have a good immune system and get it once or multiple times. You may also have a poor immune system and get it once or multiple times. It is also common to have reoccurring shingles if you have an auto immune disorder for example, lupus or MS. Some of the other speculations / research published in medical journals suggest these things may contribute to reactivation of the virus too but like I said before they do not know for sure...

1). Having experienced injuries or nerve damage also seems to raise the risk for shingles, since within the nerves is where the virus lays dormant. 2). Some research suggests that traumatic stimulation of the nerves in the dorsal root ganglion can trigger the virus to reactive. 3). Some people also seem to be genetically predisposed to the development of herpes zoster to some extent, with research showing that changes in the gene for interleukin-10 (an immune-system mediator) are associated with an increased incidence of herpes zoster, as is a family history of the virus. 4).  Finally, the impact of high amounts of stress and poor gut health shouldn’t be overlooked. Psychological stress, chronic stress, or dramatic life events seem to contribute to VZV reactivation, with studies showing an association between physical, emotional and sexual abuse and higher incidence of shingles. According to a report published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, contributing psychological factors for shingles development include financial stress, inability to work, decreased independence and an inadequate social-support environment.

I hope someone will find this useful or comforting I also have some links to some of the studies if anyone would like to see them you could send me a message and I might be able to "post the links" through the private message system but probably not on the forum.
THAnk you so much, this has been so helpful. I have been dealing with shingles that won’t subside for months, since the birth of my 3rd child. I have been following the Medical Medium protocol/diet for dealing with shingles. I believe that diet is key in pushing shingles back to dormancy or at least controlling it. I am currently breastfeeding and on antivirals meds daily. Hate the thought of these meds being secreted into Brest milk, and hoping to go off them soon.
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