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Why I still have itching on my scalp & ear, still. It's gonna be 4 weeks  my ear is little swollen but it's getting better. I think I still little blisters taking my medications still for pain. & shingles. & I'm losing my poor hair falling off why
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Have you asked your doctor? Unfortunately, viruses can just take their sweet time to resolve.  The average time til you should be clearing up totally is 4 weeks, so you're not quite there yet, but that's just an average.  Shingles does a number on your skin, so it's not surprising that hair would fall out where blisters are or were.  If the hair loss is NOT where you've had blisters, I would consider checking the side effects of the medication you are taking, as it could be the culprit.
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Yes I did . I’m taking medications for it. I didn’t have all over my body . Had on my neck & my ear & head . My neck went away . Head did too the shingles . Expect my ear still little swollen it’s gettjng better . But the itching takes like  3 months or so I hate that. But I’m losing hair.  I think it cause me losing hair was the hospital gave me steroid for treatment for shingle
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That could definitely be the case.  Honestly, I'd just wait out the hair loss.  It should stop after the steroid treatment wears off, and that side effect is still better than the awful pain and itching caused by shingles.  
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