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I noticed a rash on my inner left thigh 2 days ago, this morning it had become extremely painful and had spread across the top of my thigh and all down the outer side of it.  Went to the doctor this afternoon and was diagnosed with shingles and given medication.  just now I noticed that ive developed a small patch on the left side of my lower back.  Is the rash just going to keep spreading? If so, when will it stop spreading? and can I spread it to other parts of my body, for example if I touch the rash on my leg and then happen to touch my arm will the rash then appear on my arm also?
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This may seem beside the point, but actually it isn't. Before discovering the shingles had you been taking supplemental vitamin D? If so what was the dosage?
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The answer to your question about vitamin D, before discovering shingles is Yes.  I also have the same rash as chipdee.  Can you tell me more?
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