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Hepatitic C and nutrition

I was first diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1997. Since that time, there has been almost no progression of this illness. However about three weeks ago, I began to have problems urinating. It the progressed to just feeling generally lousy. I had blood taken last week, and the symptoms are from my Hepatitis. I have an appointment with my doctor this Friday, and I'm scared. I worked at the Men's detox years ago, and have seen the effects of this disease first hand. I have a really lousy diet and have been compulsive about red meat and Pepsi. I am going to do my bets to get better. Any thoughts on nutrition and holistic treatments I might try. I am on Medi-Care, so I doubt they will fund interferon. Anyway, I was on interferon in 2002. After six months, my doctor stopped treatment, He said it wasn't having the effect he had hoped for. Any thoughts will be sincerely received.
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Hi olgee,
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.  As I have said before, I know little about this site and sometimes do not get on the computer for periods of time because of health issues.
I am glad to hear you didn't wait to go to the doctor.  That was important.  And I understand about the apprehension you have about this problem.  But listen to me,... STRESS can be worse for you than drinking at this time so be easy my friend.  You MUST do something to help your stress level, OK?
As you alluded to, you must improve your diet.  Unfortunately, there are many ideas in this area.  I myself, just watch my salt.
I know nothing about Holistic treatments,... sorry.  But, there is the Internet.  I look things up that doctors and other people suggest, and take from it what I think is worthwhile.
I also was told that Interferon was not the way to go in my case.  Sometimes it is not working,... may not be necessary at the time, ... there could be numerous reasons to stop or not start at all.
Try to be easy on yourself my friend.
Remember: Life is a meatball.
  -Respect few, fear none.
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