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I have cirrhosis of Liver,  various stomach problems, and I feel tired from moment I get up to the moment I go to bed early.  I work around the flat doing housework, I have to push myself until I feel dizzy and sit or lie down in tears because I have not done it all  what do I do

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I finally really decided to take control when I got blood tested for cortisol and it was so low the Dr. thought the test result was an error.  Then had saliva cortisol test (more accurate for hormones than blood, plus the sample is taken at the most important moment of the day, before you put your feet on the floor)... it was even lower than he thought it was.  

No treatment for that, but the symptoms of fatigue, etc. are similar.  There are diet, herb, etc. things I can do and they are helping.  Find a naturopathic doctor and get saliva tested.  Better to know if it's a problem.  Get hormones and DHEA... the ND will know what to look for.  

I've never drank to speak of, but after 38 years of heavy meds I don't want to see my liver.  Doing slow, careful detox things now.  Slow is important, too fast and I got sicker than sick.  
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Hi, its sad when you feel your going to be judged for your illnesses, i too have liver problems, i was told i had hep c in 2000, i nearly died, didnt know what it was from how did i get it? After many years of not knowing and getting sicker, feeling tired, depressed and just plain suicidal,
I went to a Dr who sent me fro tests and stuck by me and explained everything to me, they found out i got it after having a blood transfusion after having one of my children.

I was so angry that i was never told about this, however my sister and I did get asked to go back into the hospital after a few years due to HIV infected blood was given to some mothers. Thankfully i was not one of them nor was my sister.

I went and had the treatment available and it didnt work i was on it for 6 mths without change, i got sicker and sicker, eventually i began to put weight on then loose it and it was like this for years still is the same.
I was told i had cirrhosis of Liver, i dont drink often so i guess it was just the way it went, i noticed though although i was so very tired all the time i also felt more depressed, wasnt sure if it was due to the lack of energy and not being able to do the things i once did or just hormone changes. I lost a kidney due to cancer about three years ago now and have been told I have ckd in the other, the next step is dialysis, since then i also have had a small heart attack and i get pains in the stomach all the time. The Dr i once had left so i have been thrown around from one Dr to another always having to explain my story. I get so tired but no one understands, i can do so much then i get so tired after doing housework and i dont enjoy going out like i use too, we went on holiday and i didnt want to go on any rides or do stuff because i was so tired, feeling fat bloated and useless, when people say stuff to me about being lazy, i get so upset, i feel dizzy and well i guess that is it, i can not take pills as my liver is not absorbing them so i vomit them up anyway, plus i have been told not to take some because they will effect my kidney, so i feel as if i am damned if i do or dont. I feel for you john, dont worry about those that dont care enough to want to understand where you are in life, demand answers mate, im at that stage now, where i will not leave until i am told exactly what i need to know, take care and i hope you get some freedom from your pain, kind regards
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I forgot to tell you I am in in pain an problem addicted to codeine and tramadol.  and having got epilepsy(seizures)  topamax, phenytoin, gabapentin, and various other tablets that I loose count

I am fed up, depressed and need someone that understands, my husbands great and cuddles when I am down.  He tries to understand but does not.

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