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please help with my question..

...Hey how are you?..my name is Bill i live in Florida and have hepatitis c...i have chronic..
...and i dont know much about it ..do u always feel fatigue?...i feel sick everyday its
really upsetting....i need some advice with someone that knows about it...i am in such
discomfort everyday....i would really appreciate it....
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Hey Billy,  I have been under the weather myself, so this is late getting to you.  Sorry to hear that you are having the problems.  Fatigue is very common when you have Hep C..  I also know people that have no symptoms from it.  Do you have a good doctor to keep an eye on the progress of the Hep C?  You maybe should go and have some bloodwork done, to see how the things are going.  You want to know if If it is progressing, or is something else going on.
I am in NO WAY an expert on Hep C,, so my best advise to you is go and see your doctor.  If you don't have one,... get one, OK?  Don't put it off.
There is a lot of info out there on Hep C., so I would get some of it and read up.  You need knowledge so you are not in the dark about this.
Be easy and all the best.
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Hi, I'm just in here looking for ways to distract myself from issues that weigh heavy... so I can't really relate to your hepatitis... But, as I read your post I remembered about a country-western singer who had to retire because of hep... Naomi Judd?  She got way better, maybe you could find out what she did?  Personally, if I could afford it I would go the natural treatment route all the way.  

Good luck, what I really mean is God bless.
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