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Hip replacement at young age

I had osteomyelitis (bone infection) due to a salmonella septicaemia when I was 11 years old, it almost drove me out of life, but fortunately my body recovered although I had to wear a wheelchair for almost 3years and do a lot of physiotherapy. Now at 25yo, I still struggle with the sequels of the osteomyelitis, with a last-degree arthrosis in the right hip and a collapsed head of the left femur...I have indication that I should have hip replacement (put prothesis), but that it should be postponed as much as possible because of the time span these prothesis have and how complicated surgery is. However I am in constant pain and have limited my movement back to a wheelchair, which is taking a huge emotional toll in me... What should I do? Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? Thanks for all the support!
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