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low Hb and enlarged spleen

Good day to you,

I am sending you this e-mail hoping to receive your instant reply regarding the potential services I could receive from your delighted facility.

I have delivered my second baby on 8th April 2010. On the delivery day my blood has reached 5 HB and I was transmitted with 2 units of blood. After then, I was further transmitted with blood twice within the last few months were my blood HB reached 5.6.

I am 30 years old and am diagnosed with a coronial sickle cell disease. Recently, I had my first private consultation were the diagnoses resulted in enlarged spleen (9 cm). Other related tests such as direct coombs were negative.

Therefore, I am sending this e-mail to know the possibility of having a second opinion diagnoses for my case and possible treatments. Moreover, I would be grateful to know the required documents needed for the referral and possible slots available for appointment at the soonest to arrange my travel to your facility.

Symptoms through the delivery and after:
1- Nose bleeding at 35 weeks of delivery (throughout the delivery)
2- Decrease in platelets counts (thrombocytopenia) after 45 days from delivery.(after the delivery)
3- Weakness in the feet.( Now)
4- The monthly period is severe for three times after the delivery (tell now)
5- Feeling of Tiredness and fatigue
6- Dizziness feeling (when the Hb is low)

The major problem now is: Low Hb and enlarged spleen.

I need hospitals with experience in the blood disorder to be recommended.

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Hi zozo80

I just joined this community and saw your ?'s  I pray that by now you've been better and all of your ?'s have been solved and answered.. I'm wondering sincerely if so... would you plz let me know.. and let me know ? if anything was told to you.. because I have my own opinion on what may have happened to u... I'm a 39yr old woman that has had 2 kids,but that was HIGHLY opposed by my physican and family members.. but because of my condition with my 2nd pregnancy I had to get my tubes tied.  and my 2nd child took so much from me my body changed completely during and after..

So I'm VERY concerned about you and your situation and curious at the same time, because I assist people with various illnesses (not a doc) but GOD gave me a journey to be of service to people in that way and I'm fulfilling that calling... lol not to mention my 2nd child (not of the same father as the 1st) has SCA also... Me having the illness I thought was enough, but when I found he was diagnosed with it, I didn't understand just how my life was going to change... But, again I KNOW GOD made me this way because I'm special and so are all of us...

Bless you !!! and Plz let me know how all is going...

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