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sickling trait partners marrying

Hello there my partner and I are trait carriers and when we informed my parents of our decision to marry they objected. I live in Ghana and I would like to know if anyone knows of any options for us. We have heard about bone marrow transplant and also PGD but every African health care professional says it's in its experimental stages.
I'm 24 and he is 30. We don't want to consider breaking up.  Please we need your advice and help.  Thank you
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Its good that you informed your parents, putting the question out there but know that yoyr parents can not be allowed to influence your decision.....But i am unclear of what the question is. Can you specify
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I wanted to know more about PGD and if any facilities in Africa to do it.
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University of Benin, Nigeria had successfully conducted two bone marrow transhipment.  Kindly go for counselling as well because having a child with the sickle cell disease is not easy at all. Not fair on the child.  The transplant also requires a donor who is mostly a sibling.
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Bone marrow transplant I mean
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