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wat to eat to increase platelets

hw can we increase my blood platelets its count is only13000 can you pls suggest some home remedy to increase it...i woud be really thankful to u....
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I hope you mean 130,000 rather than 13,000!

From what I can see doing a search online, there is nothing nutritionally known to increase platelet counts.  I have an old book called A Manual of Laboratory Diagnostic Tests, 2nd edition by Frances Fischbach.  It states low platelets happen with:
"(a) Idiopathic thromobytopenic purpura
(b) Pernicious, aplastic, and hemolytic anemias
(c) After massive blood transfusion
(d) Pneumonia
(e) Allergic conditions
(f) Exposure to DDT and other chemicals
(g) During cancer chemotherapy
(h) Infection
(i) lesions involving the bone marrow
(j) toxic effects to many drugs"

Did a doctor you saw order this test?  Did they pursue discovering the cause and treating you for the cause of the low platelet count?
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