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12 weeks, 1st baby, single mommy....

So I'm 12 weeks...and my babys father wants absolutely nothing to do with baby or me....i have a support system bt i never wanted this for my life exp my baby...idk if he really means he's not gonna be there bt I'm preparing myself my issue is he said alot of hurtful things to me and what's gonna hurt is that my bby will wonder why it's daddy doesn't love it and isn't there.....and he has other kids so it hurts me if he provides for them bt not mine granted we live in diff cities and were never a couple it hurts cuz i thought he was a friend and it took me getting knocked up to see his true colors....i refuse to abort or adopt bt I want no part of him.....I'm 23 if u wanted to know....I'm just at a stand still like it hasn't set in that I'm really going to do this alone..and he's all for me having ab abortion..idk Wat to do bt i can't cry....he has 3 other kids and i understand y he didn't want more kids at the moment bt don't kill me for doing what i feel is right......#life =/
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If he already has 3 kids and did'nt want anymore I don't understand why he was'nt using protection. You already knew his history and you still got pregnant by him. Yes, this is going to effect your child if there is no father in the picture. You can be the best mother in the world and that child will most likely wonder why it's father has never been there. This is only my opinion but I think every child deserves to have both parents in the picture. They did'nt ask to be born. You and this guy decided to have this baby and both of you have a responsibility to that baby. There's really not much you can do to make him spend time with his child. Good luck getting any money out of him either. You can try and I really hope he'll help you but chances are he may not. Of course no one can tell you what to do but please be prepared for the hardest job you will ever have in your life. Babies do not know how to give love, they only want what they need. Feeding, diaper changes, clothing, and all of your time.
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Im in the same situation me n my childs father were jus friends n he wanted me to get an abortion i sed no and havent heard from him since. Yes your child will wonder wheres the dad and i have yet to come up with tge answer for myself , but i believe that once we get to that point we'll have the perfect answer . Its everybodies fault becuz we all were obviously unprotected , so instead of pointing fingers and tryin to make a boy dosomethin he doesnt we jus have to be strong mothers for our child. Just pray and stay strong , where theres a will theres a way , youll be great!
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File for child support. It is a significant amount of money. It will make being a single mom much easier.
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