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18 and single mommy to be with epilepsy.

Hi girls i kinda need some advise. I'm 18 yes old and i have epilepsy. I got diagnosed with it about 2 months before i found out i was pregnant.  The babies father was there for me for a while but recently, i was feeling like the incubator for the baby. And i said enough was enough. We are both young but I'm accepted that he will use my illness against me in order to take my baby from me he had threatened it before when we got in arguments. What should i do?
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He can not take your baby because of your illness. You are the mother no matter what and no one is going to punish you for being sick. It will help you a lot if you have support from friends or family and people who WILL be with you after the baby is born to help you out. Because trust me honey, being a new mom is hard enough without having health issues added in the mix, so you should try to if possible at all plan on living with family for a while after the baby is born. No matter what though your ex isn't going to be able to take your baby from you. In the first year of their lives, moms are really all a baby needs; so just relax and it hope everything works out for you!
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