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Custody battle help!

My bf is threaten me telling me his gonna take my daughter away from me that I don't deserve to be happy .that his gonna do everything possible to take her away .but if it ever comes down to going to court how do I prove his an unfit father he drinks /smokes he has weapons .his also abusive .I've been told to take pictures and record is that helpful in court or not ,any advice .he has hitt me before but I don't call the cops cuz I'm afraid of him taking her from me
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My ex tried to do the same thing.

I ended up with sole custody with him having visitation at my parents.  

He never once came to see her and that was 7 yrs ago.

He is trying to scare you.  Document everything that is what will save you.

The worst thing that can happen is joint custody.  That will be hard if the judge feels as though he is fit enough to have his child half of the time.  

If you have pictures of the abuse or documentation then make sure you bring it all to your lawyer.

My ex told the judge he never smoked weed or sold it, yet he had a week symbol tattooed on his arm.. What a dolt!!

Some people are just not fit to take care of children. My ex was one of those people. He has three children from three different mothers and he doesnt see one of them and has no rights to any of them
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Yes documenting the violence and getting pictures of the abuse (i.e. bruises, cuts and what not) is helpful in court. If he has weapons get pictures of them. If they are firearms (guns) he MUST have them registered so there will be records of them. If they are NOT registered...he can get into a LOT of trouble and have them seized. And that would be a huge strike against him.

Unless he can prove you an unfit mother you will most likely end up with your daughter. Judges are pretty reluctant to separate a child from his/her mother. What he is doing is using a scare tactic. He's trying to put fear into you for whatever reason.
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