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Looking for Legal Advice on Child Abandonment

I'm hoping someone is on here and can help me..

I'm looking for some legal advice about child abandonment.
My son is only 20 months old. His dad lived in another state when my son was born, his dad moved back to area when my son was 2.5 months old. He left to go back to his x girlfriend 3 weeks after moving back here. He was gone for 5.5 months before moving back here. He claimed he came back to be 'dad' but I know him and his girlfriend broke up and he had no where else to go and no job. I believe that's the reason for him moving back. He was half in my sons life for about 9 months. He'd come up with excuses not to pick him and I'd end up having to drop him off to force him to take him. Well end of Nov. He took my son for an overnight during the week. When he dropped my son off something was very wrong and he had no concern what so ever. I ended up having to take my son to the ER. Where they basically transferred him to Children's Hospital in the cities. He was admitted for 3 days having a serve asthma attack.. My sons father could have cared less. He did nothing for him while he was a his house and I have yet to get full story about what happened and how long he wasn't doing good. When told him we my son was being transferred all he said was let me know.. He didn't go to hospital at all. This was over thanksgiving. I have not heard from him since then and he has not seen my son since then..

Can I file for abandonment???
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Usually the father must refuse to see the child for 6 consecutive months. Speak to an attorney. It would still be at the judges discretion. If his rights are terminated he won't be responsible for child support, so usually judges are pretty hesitant unless there a stepparent willing to adopt the child.
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