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Im nervous about being a single parent this is my first child and my child's father thinks that i am going to be a horrible mother... but prior to him telling me that i have really been scared to do this on my own I can do it im just scared... most women don't think they will be on their own and some women want the happily ever after but it's unfortunate single parenting is very common nowadays!!
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Can't nobody tell you you're going to be a horrible mother especially somebody who tryna be a half *** father. You right it is common and you will make it. You will be a great mother hunny. It will be hard but it will be worth it. A mother go struggle for hers regardless cause we don't want them to want for nothing. Just what comes to being a mother. Single mother at that.
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Dont worry hun,youll be a great mother.dont let some jerk who dosent deserve the privlage of having you & your child in his life have the satisfaction of tearing you down.yes it will be difficult ti be a single parent,however,it will make you that much stronger.it will pay off seeing your baby raised right.once he/she grows up they will have the most unbelievable respect & admiration for you.stay strong love<3
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There are no sure fire way to being a good parent. Every parent is different from the next and every child needs a different style of parenting. Do not listen to what other people say about you becoming a bad parent. They have no right to prejudge your parenting skills.
As for your worries about being a single parent, all of us has that. Just be the best that you can be and always trust your motherly instinct.
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Keep your head up. Everything is a learning experience and as long as you try your hardest and make your child your priority then you will be a great mom. I was just thinking today how its so easy for the males to just walk away and we're left alone. At the end of the day, I'm sure none of this planned to be single moms but its the outcome and it can be done!
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*none of us
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