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Im just so over the whole deadbeat dad role.... I have a 3yearold and an now 32 weeks pregnant with second child..... On a daily basis i get up get my son to school and go to school for landscaping from 8a-330p.... Big and pregnant or not i make sure i get up and do what i need to do to take care of my kids......and what does my bd do????? Abosolutly nothing..... When i first meet him he had a job and a olace to stay and everything but shortly after i found out about the first baby its like he stopped doing everything. Hes 9 years older than me but in my opinion has the mind of a 15 yearold.... Not to mention also after i found out about my son.... I found out he not only 3 kids like he told me after talking to his mom he had 6 kids.....which he does nothing for either.... So now thanks to my 2 he has a total of 8.... The only reason i have 2 is because i listened to the hype that he was going to do something with his life and he came to live with me and i believed we were going to stay together( stupid if me to believe i know... But we live and we learn) but... I said all that just to say im so sick of "dads" making up excuses for not taking care of their kids while moms will break their neck to do what ever it takes to take care of their kids..... Even if we were not togethet as a couple you still wont do anything for your kids and you kno they need all the things you need to live... I know my kids are ok and will never want for anything but  i just hate the face that i have to do it all on my own when i didnt make these kids on my own....
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