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what to do?

I am 18 and a mom to be. My daughters father walked out on me when we found out i was pregnant. He has gone back and forth and said he would sign over all rights or he was going to fight for custody. My parents tell me not to put him on the birth certificate but i want to be able to raise her without to much financial help from my parents so i need the child support. If he does sign over his rights can i still get child support? What are all my options to go about getting full custody and support?
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Its kinda hard for him to be allowed to sign over his rights.  The judge wont allow that usually unless there is a stepparent willing to adopt the child. If he does succeed in signing over his rights, he will not be responsible for child support. He is the childs father and he can fight you for custody. He may be awarded custody of the child and you will have to pay him. I would recommend you do nothing for right now. Wait until the child is 2 or so, and make sure you have evidence that boyfriend has not been an active father and has not had much involvement in the childs life.
Do not put him on the birth certificate. Hes probably not going to take you to court so I would do nothing for right now and hope he goes away. Maybe move far away from  him.  (Youre not married, so you are allowed to take the child and go.) Then when he hasn't been around for the kid and knows nothing about it, sue for child support. You can be awarded for 2 years retroactively and you will have proof he hasn't been around. He will get visitation (every other weekend or something like that) but if he hasn't been involved and doesn't know the child he probably won't use it.
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