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3 month long head pain :(

I am here writing this after visiting 3 doctors, the emergency room, an ENT and a chiropractor. Two doctors treated me for a sinus infection.  My main concern is a sharp pain on the top of my head and pain around the temporal region and deep within the ear for the last three months. All pain is side locked. only on the left side. Ive taken two sets of antibiotics, and a steroid pack. the Z-pack and steroids did alleviate the pain slightly, but overall the sharp pain on the top of my head remains. Ive had a CT scan with contrast of my head and everything shows up clear.  I have noticed the inside of my left nostril is very RED, compared to the pink complection of the right nostril. I would say some type of infection? Its obviously irritated, but could this be causing my head pain? My left ear always feels clogged. I feel like my head is lopsided, and the pain never takes place on the right side of my head. Also causes a stiff neck and pain near the occipital area. I would not even consider this a headache, just sharp head pain. Almost constant for three months...  very discouraging.

Ive never experienced anything like this, and will never take my health for granted again.
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Oh my gosh, my husband had the exact same issue.  He had six months of major pain and it was clogged sinuses all the way up in his forehead.  He was miserable. He was not a candidate for surgery as he has one previously in which something happened and he now has a small spot of missing bone.  So, he has basically the consistency of egg white between his sinus and his brain in one small spot.  Surgery is too risky with that. So . . . he muddled through.  He took ibuprofen for pain.  He stayed away from anything stronger.  He took antibiotics. And he used a netti pot to help clear it.  It did eventually clear. And now he netti pots daily to keep things moving.  Have you been using Mucinex as well which thins the secretions and mucus?  That's smart to do as well.  

Definitely consult with an Ear Nose and Throat doctor.  Let me know how that goes and if you are better now.
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