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CSF Rhinorrhea Leakage leading to meningitis

My father  who is 62 years old  is  a patient of CSF Rhinorrhea leakage through nose. It was repaired in the year 2000 through Endoscopy in India.

It reoccurred in 2004 and was again repaired through Endoscopy procedure. Thereafter, it reoccurred in 2007 and was repaired again through Endioscopy in India.

For Meningitis which occurs due to the CSF leakage   the patient  has been treated by a Neurologist. The patient had Meningitis on three occasions in the year 2000, 2007 and now in 2012.

The  recent discharge report of the patient  states that  he has been treated for Meningitis but the leakage  is still there. This leakage needs to be repaired at the earliest possible as otherwise it is open for any infection and scare of re-occurrence of Meningitis.

I am writing to seek the further course of action and recommendation for the best possible  treatment / surgery for the patient.
Also which surgery  to undertake and risks involved when undertaken.
The reason for the failure of the  earlier endoscopy  procedures

Doctor's in India are suggesting Neuro-surgical approch due to the failure of the Endioscopy procedure three times. If you could please find out -

Which surgery or treatment will be the best??
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