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Can anyone help explain what to do about sphenoid sinusitis

I'm a professional voice actor.  I have had a CT scan showing over 50% blockage/narrowing from what I guess would  be hardened mucus - in both frontal and more important to me - sphenoid - sinuses.  

The analysis of the scan includes Sphenoid Sinusitis.  I have no headaches.  I have no severe symptoms -
only sort of vague congestion - which impacts a bit on my voice resonance.    

Multiple rounds of oral antibiotics/corticosteroids - uncertain if they made a difference.  I started doing the Proetz (see I'm ENT now;) sinus 'rinse'  and have even bought / been using the Navage thing - which essentially is just pumping saline through the nostrils - and seems to be doing nothing as far as causing any big exit of stuff from the lining of nasal passageways.

In researching this online, I've found very little info about sphenoid sinusitis self-treatment - other than - it is the most difficult to reach with nasal rinsing and my impression is, nasal rinses have little impact if any.  

I know it's not the most scintillating subject but that said, given that it's kinda relative to my livelihood I'm just in search of any and all ideas about what I can possibly do versus any sort of invasive, surgical action...which I'm not even convinced does anything to resolve the issue and sounds risky.

I'd truly appreciate any help if anyone is familiar with this stuff.   So far, information I've found is really sketchy
and inconclusive on this, and I suspect an MD is going to simply suggest surgery by default.  I will totally exhaust any/all options before i would even consider that.  Like I say, I don't have any major symptoms - but I also want to reverse this condition so it might not get any worse.... if that makes sense.

Thanks for reading,

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