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Chronic Sinus Issues& Facial Swelling

I have never had allergies in my life, but at 21, I began having extreme sinus congestion and mucousy eyes. Allergies run in the family so I knew i needed to get allergy tested. No suprise I developed allergies to almost every outside allergen. Shortly after i began allergy shots. To sum it up allergy shots were actually making my allergies progress instead of get better, and I would be sick 3 days post every shot until i developed sinusitis. I stopped shots cold turkey and was sick with a sinus infection for 4 months. Steroids nor antiobiotics would rid of this. I finally got rid of the infection but other factors remained such as facial swelling beneath the lower lid and orbital of the eye, and swelling of the upper cheek, Constant congestion and muccous, post nasal drip, and spacey off balanced overall feeling. I constantly have a swollen bag under my left eye and when pressed down feels full of mucous. My cheek feel hot and rubbery from the swelling. I have been to every doctor and ruled out neuro, eye, autoimmune, hormonal, gastro , and teeth issues. I steer clear of all my allergens,and eat healthy as well as workout but this is affecting my life. Its also bothersome as my left side facial swelling  has cause my hair to recede and hand swell during excercise. Like i said, all on the left side which is the side of swelling in my sinus. Is this normal? I am at my witts end, please help!
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