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Foul nasal Odor

I am periodically smelling/tasting a foul odor that appears to be coming from my nasal passages. It smells like rotting flesh! Sometimes I smell it when just sitting around. I ALWAYS smell it when I bend over. Of course, I am concerned and I hoped that someone could offer some guidance in rectifying this matter. This has been going on for around 6 months. I haven't been sick (cold/flu) in that time and I'm not showing any other signs of a sinus infection. Any assistance that you may offer would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, any infection or blockage in your nose can cause you to smell something that is not there. Your symptoms could be due to olfactory hallucinations. Phantosmia most often occurs as a result of a head injury or upper respiratory infection. It can also be caused by temporal lobe seizures, sinusitis, brain tumors, migraine, Parkinson's disease and stroke. You may need proper evaluation by your GP, please consult him for a neurological assessment. He may then refer you to a neurologist if needed. Regards.
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