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Is clay colored stool normal after taking augmentin?

I was prescribed augmentin for a sinus infection and I had no side effects while taking it. I finished it 4 days ago. Starting yesterday afternoon I had clay colored stool. I thought it would pass, but it hasn't. I have very slight stomach cramps. Is this normal and my body is just recovering from the antibiotic or should I be concerned?
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Augmentin will impact your stool consistency.  Now here is what happened to my son ( and this can happen with any strong antibiotic) ---  after taking the course of medicine--  he was having regular bowel movements.  But, it wasn't enough and his fecal matter was backing up.  He had a bowel full of fecal matter.  He got to the point in which he was quite ill with cramps and nausea.  We went to the ER because we thought it was a possible appendicitis. When they did the X ray, the doc told us that it was the fecal matter and it made sense after being on antibiotics.  An enema cured him.  That was his story.  So, keep your eye on it and for most people this resolves.  If you are truly concerned, run it by your doctor.  
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