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Is it sinusitis if sinus congested on MRI but no congestion

I had an MRI after months of increasing dizzy spells, tinnitus getting worse, eyes becoming difficult to focus and periods of extreme fatigue. I haven’t had any colds, runny nose or congestion but do get some heyfever which mainly gives me sore, watery eyes and foggy head. The MRI showed my right maxillary sinus is very congested and thereport says “extensive muscosal thickening within the right maxillae antrum. The rest of the paranasal sinuses appear clear”. My GP only said to rinse sinuses for 6 weeks. I’ve done so a few tjmes and nothing comes out. Can it really be sinusitis if I don’t have any discharge? Is there something else I should be asking about or treatments? The fatigue is impacting my life, family and work and cannot continue like this.
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Your GP is correct.  There may not be discharge because your sinus passages can get swollen shut with infection,  I would recommend a Neilmed Sinus Rinse, and if that doesn't work, a Friggy Sinus Flush may.  At any rate, this will give you more info.


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