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Is there any way to reduce thickened mucus in the sphenoid sinus?

I have had a couple of CT scans indicating thickened mucus in the sphenoid sinus cavity.
I know this is a difficult region to access as far as nasal irrigation etc.  Is there anything
that I can do in terms of self-treatment to try to reduce this.  My Drs have basically noted
it but say if no headaches are happening, they wouldn't want to pursue it.  

Sidenote, I have a chronic subdural hematoma.  I have no idea if this could factor into
anything having to do with the sphenoid.

Thanks for any thoughts,

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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Sorry for the delay in response to your question.  How are things now?  Is there any update?  Talking to your doctor is important so hopefully you have done so.  If not, we encourage it.  Thickened mucus is annoying and can lead to sinus pain.  A simple way to thin the mucus is to drink extra fluids and especially water.  It literally thins it.  An over the counter medicine like brand name Mucinex (lots of store brands available and it is available on line without prescription) also will thin mucus nicely.  Here's an article that might help you now or in the future. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321134  Let us know how things are going.
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