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Pansinusitis / spitting blood while trying to clear my throat very hardly!

I'm 21 years old! I was diagnosed with pansinusitis a year back. My chest xray was normal at that time. Later on I had occasional cough like about a few minutes of cough per day(say 3 or 4 minutes) for about 6 months. So I took another chest xray 6 months back which also came out to be normal. My doctor gave me different medicines and a nasal spray. Later everything had an improvement but I was spitting green mucous in the mornings  . Recently a week before I had a flight journey. When I landed , I had a severe facial pain. It went off  some time after landing. The next day I got cold and went to doctor. My doctor told that the sinus has been aggravated and gave a course of medicine. Two days back, in the morning I felt an uncomfortable with my throat. I felt like something is sticking to he back of the throat. I tried hard by inhaling hard to clear the throat, that time I spitted out chocolate colored stick particle. That happened thrice in the morning. In the afternoon once again when i tried to clear my throat i got bright red blood along with saliva. The next day my throat was almost okay and didn't had any problem. Today again when I tried to clear my throat hard, i found small streak of dark red blood. I have no cough or headaches. I cough a few times intentionally to clear throat but while coughing i did not coughed blood. While inhale very hard i feel some discomfort in my chest!. I'm worried about my health. Please could you tell me what's happening ?
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Hi, your symptoms could be due to chronic sinusitis for which typical antibiotic treatment is for 4-6 weeks.  A nasal steroid spray is also beneficial as well as oral steroids.  Nasal saline irrigations over the counter like NeilMed or Neti pot are very effective, but worsen Eustachian tube dysfunction (water in the ears or feeling of fullness in the ears).  The best diagnosis for this problem is a CT of the sinuses.  Surgery is recommended to patients that fail maximal medical treatment. Please consult an ENT specialist. Regards.

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Thanks for your response! The blood was found only for three days. Now the blood stopped after taking medicine and sore throat has reduced but not completely gone!
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