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Post Nasal Drip,Tonsil Stones,Hoarse Voice!!!

I have had a bad case of what my ENT calls chronic rhinitis after a nasty bout with the flu in 2006. My symptoms are constant slimy mucus in throat,white coated tongue,tonsil stones,hoarse voice(at times),nose blowing,watery eyes,tooth erosion. I don't know if these symptoms are rhinitis or not but some people tells me the symptoms could be silent acid reflux because I don't get heartburn with these symptoms. I have been seeing different ENT's and personal physicians off and on for the last 7 years all to no avail. All these doctors do is give me nasal sprays all to no avail and one ENT even performed an unnecessary septal perforation surgery. If anybody on this board have the above named symptoms can you give me a name for this ailment I'm suffering from and also a plan of treatment other than a bunch of ineffective nasal sprays. Thanks in advance for your help.
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How are you?  Postnasal drip  may indeed be due to a variety of issues such as colds, allergies, Sinus infection or sinusitis, certain medications, deviated septum, changing weather fronts/ cold temperatures/or excess dryness in the air, certain foods, fumes from chemicalsand other irritants as well as possible gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.  Swallowing problems can cause a buildup of liquids in the throat, which can feel like postnasal drip and these problems can occur with age, a blockage, or conditions such as  GERD. If it persists, it is best that you have this evaluated further. A referral to a gastoroenterologost may also help. Take care and do keep us posted.
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I have been seeing an ENT specialist for almost 2 years ( been suffering in silence for many years), I was diagnosed with deviated septum & chronic sinusitis my symtoms include the following. Headaches, face pain, jaw ache, a lot of mucus production, sore throat, cold like symtoms, white tongue coating, bad breath. And I have recently noticed I have these awful tonsil stones. They are not visible though so I'm not sure where they are  hiding as I have been coughing them up. The ent doctor never mentioned these to me even though I have had a camera down my nose/throat many times!  The docs have no clue! Each time I go they say, "take this nasal spray, these nasal drops gargle with salty water, clear out Sinus's using a syringe to push warm salty water up your nose, if problems still continue we will do a ct scan" 6 times I have been promised a CT scan!! My last appointment was 3 weeks ago in which he said I was fine to go on my way & that he would not need to see me again unless I thought necessary?! Is he for real? I give up!!! The past 4 days I have noticed blood in my mucus which I have coughed up & also blowing my nose.  I am at the end of my teather. There must be more they can do for me? I left my job in July as a barmaid due to my low self esteem thanks to the bad breath situation. My life is totally upside down. 4 year I go I was out all the time, had the world at my feet. Now I'm scared to work, scared to go shopping, anything that is sociable I refuse to do! I'm 24 and should be loving life, right now I just want my life to be over. Someone please help if you can
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