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Results of CT Scan of my Sinuses

I don't see the ENT for another two weeks and I am freaking out after reading the report! If anyone can explain some of this or have gone through this I would appreciate your comments and thoughts! :)  Advanced degree of chronic sinusitis in the paranasal  sinuses. Near complete opacification right maxillary sinus. Mucosal thickening left maxillary sinus reaches 8 mm along the anterior wall and 15 mm in thickness inferiorly. Ostiomeatal complexes are encroached upon this muscosal thickening. Multiple opacified and partially opacified ethmoid air cells. Nasal fossae demonstrate minor leftward septal deviation with leftward projecting septal spur. To all that read this thank you for taking the time.  I am just really anxious. Wondering if I am going to have surgery. I have been on antibiotics almost every two weeks for over a year for a sinus infection. Was even put in the hospital for IV antibiotics last April! Thank you again for taking the time to read this! Needed to vent somewhere...I am terrified!
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wow--have you ever done any nose washing with warm salt water...??... you need to try that before surgery.
If you are using a Neti-Pot for sinus irrigation, and not getting relief then Alkalol is the next level in clearing the gunk out of your melon. A combination of camphor, spearmint oil, eucalyptas and other magical herbs, Alkalol can take your nasal cleansing to places it has never been before. Just place a few SMALL drops in your Neti-Pot and proceed normally. Be aware that you will expereince a few seconds of intense burning, as if someone had started a fire inside your skull, but you are not dying. It passes momentarily. What occurs after is nothing short of miraculous. For the next several hours you will be snot free and enjoying the wonderful scent of Alkalol. Try it, you will be amazed. Google it. I see several places on-line sell it now. My pharmacy used to
be able to order it for me but now can not & so I buy it on-line:


This product improves the effectiveness of regular Neti pot cleansing. It seems to help with clearing more severe congestion and mucus blockage.
It is refreshing for long after you have cleansed your sinuses. You can control the amount that you add to your rinse and work up to a more powerful solution. Great product .

I was able to defeat a couple of sinus infections by washing my nose several times a day with warm salt water to which I added a teaspoon of Betadine.

Betadine (and its generic equivalents) is an iodine-based antiseptic used primarily on superficial skin wounds.
Both my ENTdoctors recommended it to me after my sinus surgeries help kill off the pathogens that cause sinus infections.
And both docs told me if I ever got a cold and had yellow mucus to begin adding Betadine to the warm salt nosewashing water.
It's best to use only a small amount -- from a few drops to a teaspoon.

I have used Betadine in warm salt water to wash my nose using a neti pot several times to clear up sinus infections.
Do 4-5 nasal rinse a day when fighting a sinus infection.

To get a severely blocked nose to open up you may have to use AFRIN. My allergist told me I could use AFRIN.
get some AFRIN nasal spray from cvs or walgreens

spray that in both nostrils as you lie down. remain lying down for 10 min.
then your nose will be "open".
NOW fill the neti pot with warm salted water and rinse your nose.
with some ALKALOL or Betadine added for best results.
repeat at least 2 times more within 10 hours.
AFRIN works to keep your nose open for 12 hours so you can benefit
from several nose washings in a 10 hour time span.
my allergist told me you can use AFRIN once a day for 10 days.
this is what I use to do to recover from a cold. use the afrin at 7 a.m.
and wash my nose like 5 times before 7 p.m. using alkalol or betadine
at every wash.

do not use the AFRIN for more than 10 consecutive days.
you can get addicted to it but even my doctor said it's ok to use
it for 5-10 days to get over a cold. it really opens up the nose so you can
get the warm salt water IN there to rinse everything OUT.
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Please do not panic!  I have found that unless you are trained to read these things, the terminology can be very intimidating.  I recently got my results back from my CT scan that said I have an S shaped nasal septum and that my petrous carotids protrude into the spenoid sinus and that there is a partial spenoid septum attaching to the left carotid canal.  The final impression was a Negative CT scan of the sinuses.  Well, that doesn't help me at all since I have major symptoms.  I'm actually looking into going to a different ENT 'cause the one I'm seeing now said my sinus' are normal.  What?????()*^*&^*^*
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I had my appointment with the ENT today. I am have surgery on the 25th. I freaked out because I am a Paramedic know the terminology.
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What type of surgery are they doing?
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Looks like a Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Septoplasty. Very routine.
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Try changing the bacteria in your gut. sinus is caused through having too much bad bacteria in your body. Do some research on it.
Not necessarily....I have mold allergies..but then again I also have SIBO.
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