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Sinus Pain/Cyst and deviated septum

I was diagnosed with a cyst in each of my maxillary sinuses and a badly deviated septum. I have been dizzy, terrible teeth and jaw pain as well as facial pain and pressure. The dr prescribed Allegra, singular, Flonase and Asteleine nasal sprays. I am not having any relief. I was on the Asteline sir 2. -3 weeks now and the other 3 meds I just started. 2 weeks ago I had a ctscan and it didn’t show an infection. My teeth didn’t hurt then just had a headache and pressure. About a week ago my teeth started hurting and my dr will not prescribe me an antibiotic. Will the meds that I’m on cure a sinus i ection if I have one??? I can’t take this pain anymore. I also do a netie pot 3 times a day. And take 800 mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day. I notice some of you have similar symptoms. Please go get checked. I have been this way for a month now and I can’t take it anymore. Sad thing is the hospital said my ctscan was normal. The ENT is the one who caught it. He said the one cyst is an and isn’t causing any issues but the other one could be. So will meds clear infection, will meds shrink this cyst?? Will I have to have septum repaired? Is the septum causing my issues?? My dr isn’t helping me at all n I need answers.
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