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Sinus Problems/Throat/Thick Mucus

I really need your help. I am a 22 year old suffering from major sinus/ throat issues.

-Constant stuffy nose.
-Thick stringy clear mucus (excess mucus )
-Constantly hacking up the mucus and throat clearing
-Lump in the back of my throat (Makes it hard to swallow saliva)
-Dry cough
-Tonsil Stones
-Symptoms get worse after I eat.
-Sinus infections 1-2 months
-Constantly feeling like i am sick.

I have taken everything from antibiotics to reflux pills.This is really ruining my life. Can you please contact me or respond to this post on anything i should do?
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Allergy test to see if its a allergic reaction or sinusitis and blood test for white blood count or virus or bacteria I'm going to urgent care for help haven't been helped yet but I never suggested them to look for those things
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I have this issue for about 3 years now.I don t want to scare you but if it last more than 6 month it s chronic and you ll have to live with it.It s nothing you can do just try to live with it.I have sometimes horrible days and i have better days.Tell me if  it s worth after eating? I mean imediatley after eating in first minutes.Mine gets worse imediatley and also after drinki g something.This ******** of doctors with laryngeal reflux is ruining people lifes.If you don t respond 3 month at 2PPI /day than it s no reflux.
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Also you can use  netipoot with saline solution and a seawater spray.This will help you to thin the mucus and give you some relief.You can chew gum or candy s without sugar to promote saliva flow that will help you to loosen up mucus.Also a good thing to make is steam inhalation with eucalipt at night before going to bed.it will losen up mucus and help you sleep better.Inhalation due help at this problem.
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I have the same problem .  Have u ever heard of a bleach bath?   It is like swimming in a pool.   About half a cup bleach for a full tub . Now this will sound crazy but I am sure u sucked up pool water into ur nose a few times but when u have been living with a sinus infection that long u want to cut ur nose off.   The bacteria make little crevices where they can not be reached and burn ur throat.  Hurts worse than strep.  Snort a little of that tub water and then do the same with faucet water.    Burns a little but goes away right then .  Please Google bleach bath
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