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Sinus and throat connection


Could someone please give me some light on this subject. I am in the process of having surgery reduction of my turbinates and a tonsillectomy. Chronic sinus sufferer for about 10 years, and my throat will not really that much. Few times I went to the ENT she had noticed a low grade infection on my tonsils (it never bother me). The ent believes it may be my tonsils infecting my sinuses!? But I don't get it, I've one been to the gp less than hand full of times about my throat in 30 years. I am really confused I really dont wanna get my tonsils out, if I really don't need too. Any thoughts please? I do have a deviated septum too
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Hello, I've been suffering with chronic rhino-sinusitis for past 4.5yrs. I had sinus surgery, deviated septum, turbinates reduced...
RESULT: not helpful, still facial pain/head..
DR. JAMIE LEE/STANFORD UNIV. WEBSITE/YOUTUBE AND LISTEN TO HER SPEECH...UNREAL WHAT YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT SINUS..I would MOST DEFINITELY see another ENT dr. in a University Teaching Hospital. Taking out your tonsils (not done any longer) doesn't sound right to me for sinus infections...which I've had tons of in the past 4+yrs...and not one dr. suggested removal tonsils. Tonsils help, not hurt..my opinion. GO TO YOUTUBE DR. JAMIE LEE...WORTH LISTENING TO BEFORE SURGERY
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