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Sinus infection, allergies, or something else.

I've had complicated sinus problems over the past about 6 months and I'm not sure if it's allergies, a sinus infection, or something else.  There is not an ENT doctor anywhere near me and my car will not make it all the way to the nearest one. Please help me figure this out. I don't want to depend on long term drug treatments since I'm going into the military soon and won't always have access.

My sinuses seem to always feel congested when sitting or lying down followed (Sometimes) by sneezing and my eyes watering. And when I stand up after sitting for a while and most importantly during cardio exercises (whether outside or indoors but worse in the cold) though my nose runs a lot and sometimes I have "sneezing fits". All mucus is always clear though (no blood either)
Tried: decongestants, cold pills, prescription Augmentin 875mg tab, prescription flonase 0.05% spr, sinus pressure points, humidifier, otc nose sprays, antihistamines (2 10mg tablets at a time), extra vitamin C, and ibuprofen. All seemed to help a little at first but became ineffective soon after. Sitting up straight or walking around always helps while doing so but would like to sleep lying down again.

I also have occasional ear ringing but no pain, no tooth pain though last molars are currently coming in so some discomfort, no loss of smell or hearing. I do get dizzy when standing up and occasionally just when sitting (shaky vision, not spinning, throws off balance slightly but only lasts 5-10 sec). I've also been feeling more fatigued than I should be as well.  
I only began noticing this when I started my more active lifestyle about 6 months ago. This is currently keeping me from cardio because of the constant runny nose and sleeping properly because of the congestion or inflammation.

(I'm not sure what's important so...)
I'm currently 185, 5'5" 29%bmi 22 year old female. Blood pressure according to doctor is only 1-2 points away from perfect. Resting heart rate is 70bpm. I am in relatively good shape for my weight/height. I don't normally tire easily. I've lost about 70lbs over the last 8 months via running/weight training outside and now in a gym and at home. I've also been dieting, eating cleaner and more balanced but not organic and still do eat a little junk from time to time. Never had allergies before besides a rash from ceclor when i was a baby. No food allergies or intolerance that I know of. I have had my appendix out when I was 10, gall bladder out when I was 18. And currently on depo shot.
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Hi.  It sounds like you might have seasonal allergies if you have sneezing fits or you're allergic to something ....if anything has changed in your environment at all perhaps In the last six months perhaps ?
If you're congested at night , try sleeping with your head elevated and have you tried a saline rinse to try to clear the congestion ? Also Flonase which is a steroid spray is available over the counter this month will reduce inflammation and might help you.  I'm not sure if you have tried that one its a different type of nasal spray as its main goal is to only reduce inflammation so your sinuses can drain to reduce the pressure and congestion.  
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Thank you Sasychic26 for your feedback. :)
It might be. I guess I will have to get an allergy test done if my insurance will cover it. I just don't know what it could be since nothing in my environment has changed including cleaning products, pets, and people i'm around in the last 4 years and my symptoms started 6 months ago. Not to mention i have the same symptoms if i stay at home or stay elsewhere (i've tried).
I have tried prescription flonase and it worked the first couple times but now it doesn't work at all. I've also tried ibuprofen which is supposed to reduce inflammation but it's losing its effectiveness as well.
The only time my symptoms stop is when i stand up and walk around for a while so sleeping upright doesn't help at all.
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Not every antibiotic will work for every bacterial sinus infection.   An ENT will be better at this than we are so you need to do more research for similar issues if you cant get to an ENT.    Medi-pot.  Claritan daily.   Etc etc.  sorry.
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go see an allergy doctor and have a skin test done and see if you have any allergies sounds like allergies to me allergies can make you feel like you're sick if your mucus is clear is allergies if its yellow or green have a sinus infection these two things I suffer with on a year basis first go see an allergy doctor
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I think Claritan actually drives mucus further up into your sinuses and creates pressure. It dries out the nasal passages but that's it. I do better without it and just use Nasacort - and a Nettie pot after I come from outdoors. Adults can develop allergies at any time in their lives. Check the pollen counts every morning and see if you can make note of what trees or weeds were prominent on the days you felt worse. I live in Central Valley California, ground zero for nut trees, all which I'm allergic to. If I'm outdoors a lot or it's windy on days those trees are blooming, I always wash my hair before I lay down on my pillow because pollens love sticking in our hair. Then we virtually skeep with it and wake up feeling like crap. I also use an essential oil by dōTerra called "Breathe" but you can use Vicks or eucalyptus/peppermint oil combo. A couple drops in palms, rub together and place hands over mouth and nose like a surgical mask and breathe slowly for as long as you can and relax. Hope this helps.  
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