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Sinus infection for 17 days, not responding to 2 courses of antibiotics

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Sinus infection for 17 days, not responding to 2 courses of antibiotics
Violetaforest 37 mins
Hi, I am on day 17 of this sinus infection. I have a 8 year history of chronic sinusitis in my right maxillary sinus and about 10 sinus infections a year, half of them requiring antibiotics.

I have never had a sinus infection this complicated. I am weak, started with sore throat and lots of mucus, and now I just have terrible facial pain that seems to be moving over the days from my right eye to the middle of my forehead.

I was given cefuroxime 50mg x2/day for 6 days on day 3, and my symptoms got better until day 3 when I started worsening again. I went back and was given a blood test for c-reactive protein inflammation which turned out positive and was given Doxycycline 100mg x1/day for 10 days. Again, I was improving but on day 3 I started going downhill again.

I am currently weak in bed with the spreading headache, sensitive to light, and continue with yellow phlegm. My ears also experience a pressure/fullness.

What would be the next step for a doctor?
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Hi there.  How are you now?  Did you get better?
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