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Sinus problem or digestion?

This is a long, ongoing problem but I'll try and keep it short. A few years ago I started having trouble swallowing. I don't choke on food or drinks and I don't have trouble getting food down. The only way I can explain it is that it feels almost too "gooey" to swallow my own spit. When just having a normal swallowing reflex I feel as though I can't. I feel as though I'm drowning or suffocating in phlegm. I went to the Dr. and before they even examined me they said I had heartburn and referred me to a digestive health specialist. Now, I have two children and with both pregnancies I had severe heartburn so I know what it feels like and I don't have heartburn. They performed an upper GI and said I have "massive reflux and a possible ulcer and started me on Omeprezol twice a day. while taking this medicine they tried other tests such as Pylori and lactose, endoscopy... but never found anything. In the meantime the medicine never solved my mysterious swallowing problem so the Dr. said I had Globus and that it was all in my head. So I stopped the Omprezol which subsequently caused me to now have heartburn. I called and without even seeing me prescribed me yet another acid reducer. I stopped taking any medicine, convinced that it was only making the problem worse. That was over the course of about a year and a half. Recently the swallowing issue had become so bad that it was making me gag and sometimes vomit so I went back to my PCP who referred me to a new digestive health specialist. I have a procedure scheduled to swallow some tube to test my throat pressure in December. Multiple times I have said that I do not think it has anything to do with my digestion/stomach/throat/esophagus etc. I am convinced that I have something wrong with my sinuses but no one will listen to me. Along with my swallowing issue which to me feels like thick mucus, I also have an over production of earwax which smells funny, a weird smell similar to my earwax IN my nose, a bad taste and smell coming from the back of my mouth, and really bad dizzy spells. Call me crazy but I'm no Doctor and all those signs point to sinuses. Am I wrong? Another thing to add which may or may not be related is that I quit smoking about three years ago... I don't know. I'm at a loss and feel helpless. I hope someone can help.
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Try eating a hormone and antibiotic beef from Public's called green wise. It will taste better and will not produce stomach and digestive disorders. Please try I did and it was awesome. No antibiotics or hormones. Bit more expensive. I bought the patties, may be under a different name.
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Did you get your mystery solved? It kinda sounds like you have a eustacian tube blocked and infected. But the swallowing could be entirely different. I had same problem many years ago. It felt like I was being water boarded. I'd be sitting reading and all of a sudden, my swallow reflex (for spit) just wasn't there. I'd panic and try again. It's very scary. I'd grab a glass of water and sip to get past it. Turned out this was one if my first signs that I had MS (multiple sclerosis).
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I can't believe I found someone else with my symptoms!  I have been to 3 doctors, PCP, Ear Nose & Throat, and Digestive Disease doctors.  None have helped me.  Like you, I also have excess thick phlem that chokes me.  It is so bad, and I've had it for 10 years.  Yes, really.  It always flares up after I eat, so it must be digestive related, but it triggers my sinuses to overproduce.  I clear my throat all the time, and it's horrible.  The ENT looked inside my throat with a video scope (found nothing wrong), the GI doctor did two EGD's which found digestive issues that I never had any symptoms of!  Like you, I didn't have any heartburn problems.  But, I thought at last they had found the cause.  I was put on Esoprazole and am still on it 2 years later, but sadly it doesn't help at all.  My condition is exactly the same as always.  I don't have your symptoms of earwax, weird smell, or taste, though.  Just the excessive, choking, thick mucus that seems like it will never go away.  Please tell me if you found an answer.
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