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Sinus problems or something else?

For the past six months or so I have been suffering with pain and pressure around my eye/eyebrow and cheek on only the left side of my face. It occasionally causes headaches that move around my eye area (sometimes above on the brow bone, sometimes below the eye above the cheeks). I also have a few floaters and occasional tightness in my left eye only as well as congestion in my left nostril. My nose is also constantly running.
I've been on antibiotics for a suspected sinus infection, but those did nothing and have been using prescription nasal spray for about a month which has also not helped very much at all.
Has anyone had any similar symptoms or know what could possibly be causing any of this?
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I'm from UK. Been suffering sinutis for 10 weeks now. Symptoms included:
Pressure headaches
pressure in ears and nose
pnd. Thick discharge and sometimes watery.
pain in eyes jaw teeth  
stiff neck
lightheadness caused by pressure in ears.

Has been a real disruption in my daily life. Docs only have beconase and anti histamines no good at all.

Last 2 or so weeks my nostrils have large swellings inside.

It's estimated it could last 12 weeks so I'm praying I've only another 2 to go.
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I've been going through this same thing for the over two weeks (with pressure on only one side of the face, mild headaches at times & worse when I seem to be outside). Doctors keep referring me back to allergy meds including corticosteroid nasal spray (after antibiotics did nothing) and will get a follow up CAT scan done when they schedule it. It is debilitating to the point where you feel like you want to give up.
I feel only congestion in one side of my nostril (which is quite obviously the side where I feel the pressure/pain) although it does not run; and post nasal drip. Other than that the only symptoms seem to be muscle soreness/tightness and a runny eye.
Really want to get to the root of the problem so that I can be on the road to recovery. Having never experienced anything like this in my life, I am anxious to not have it happen again.
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Did you have any success with finding out what was causing your problems?
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Get allergy test and blood test of white blood cell count
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